With the use of audio mixing and engineering equipment, mixing can entail the manipulation of sound snippets, adjustment of volume, addition of effects and frequency adjustment. They can also reproduce material and synchronize sound bits to ensure that timing is appropriate.
The source material, ideally at the original resolution, is processed using equalization, compression, limiting, noise reduction and other processes. More tasks, such as editing, pre-gapping, leveling, fading in and out, noise reduction and other signal restoration and enhancement processes can be applied as part of the mastering stage.[8] This step prepares the music for either digital or analog, e.g. vinyl, replication. The source material is put in the proper order, commonly referred to as assembly (or ‘track’) sequencing. Duplication, voice over also available.


Preproduction is of focus for the beginner and the professional alike. Our producers are accredited arrangers that will work with clients to craft and mold songs in preparation for the studio. Involving our producer services will decrease studio costs, increase proficiency within the project and promote a defined sound. The following list of Production services is available: (4 hour block max.)

  • Notation, charts and Transcription
  • Vocal Development
  • Song Structure
  • Professional / Accredited Musicians
  • Concept Structuring

We welcome freelancers. Please contact us for details. (First time freelance engineers will be charged a vetting service fee of $15.00/hr. Guest engineers shall submit resume and successfully demonstrate minimum required skill/ability level desired by Zenergy.)


Our on-staff education faculty offer a range of lesson options from one-on-one tutoring to class level sessions for both the musician and the performer alike. Hands-on audio/recording service school offer the next generation of engineer the ability to expand skill to take their career to the next level. (Rates vary per instructor directly)
The student will learn in studio alongside our in-house staff. From front-of-house sound to master engineer, clients can expect to gain experience quickly at an attractive price point.