Recording Sessions

Artists Engineers Producers Welcome all artists, engineers and producers to our professionally designed studios.  We feel confident that you will find the sound you are looking for when using our state of the art equipment and isolated studio environment. We will make every attempt to accommodate your needs and make you feel at home here.  Contact us for a look at our facilities today.

Rehearsal Suite

Mon – Fri 5pm – 12 (midnight)

Hourly Rehearsal Suite

Studio B rental $15/hour

Professional Studio Musicians

The rates of our Studio Musicians are individually set by the musicians themselves, but typically pricing falls around $30 to $50+ a song.  Note that some musicians may charge an hourly rate.

Please call us to schedule a recording session today!

  • We require a deposit of half of the amount of the total time purchased (scheduled in advance) the balance of which is due before the start of the scheduled recording session.