We would like to thank you for visiting our website and considering Zenergy Recording Studios (ZRS) for your recording project or rehearsal space.  When we first started thinking about building this studio we had no idea how richly satisfying it was going to be to walk through the door and feel like we had built something special.

The generosity and willingness of my family, friends, musicians, and perfect strangers has left us in awe and of course very grateful!  Thanks to the artistry of Gabe Taylor for the the wall art the technical savvy of Freddy Breitberg for designing what lies beneath them.  Each room has been acoustically treated in a way that creates a recording environment that is second to none.

Zenergy Recording Studios located in the heart of the Fort Knox Mega Music Studio Complex, and as such, surrounded by a myriad of musical resources that can be fully taken advantage of.  We ensure you the best equipment and never settle for less when it comes to selecting our DAW, outboard equipment and interface, not the least of which is our Orion 32 interface with 32 discrete high quality state of the art mic preamps and tons of features that will make it supper easy to catch that vital performance at the moment it happens with no compromise!

I invite you to bring your ears down to Zenergy and hear the silence for yourself!  I am sure you won’t be disappointed. Also, check out our Facebook – Twitter  and Instagram pages.  Thanks!  Sean Tatum